Every engagement starts with a set of conversations. Here’s the process we’ll go through together.

B – Break the ice.

Send an email or give me a call to introduce yourself. We can talk for 15 minutes to determine if we should schedule a no-obligation meeting as the next step.

E – Engagement.

Our first meeting is usually about 60 minutes. Both spouses/partners must attend. I’ll learn about you and your family and ask the big questions. This conversation will allow me to understand your concerns and what is most important to you. We’ll schedule our next meeting if we all decide to continue.

G – Groundwork.

I will ask you to provide financial details and specifics based on our conversation. You can provide this information by phone and/or secure email. This will allow me to research and explore possible ways I can help with your concerns and goals. I’ll complete my analysis before our next meeting.

I – Inform.

We’ll meet to discuss if I can help with your concerns. I’ll let you know if you are already in great shape and I do not find ways to help. I’ll let you know if there are areas, I believe you can improve on with my help. By the end of this meeting you will know: What does it cost? What do I get? How will you help us? What are the next steps?

I’ll only offer to work with your family if I believe I can improve your ability to reach your goals and it appears we are a good fit to work together. You decide if I’m the right advisor for your family. If not, I believe you’ll still receive great value from going through this process. If yes, on to next steps!

N – Next steps.

This is when we make our relationship official. Each new relationship is unique and so is this process. We’ll establish a timeline and set expectations. Opening investment advisory accounts at LPL Financial is often the first step. If you have investments at another company, we’ll request account transfers. We love technology that makes our lives easier, so e-signature helps make this process simple and efficient.

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